What the heck is this?

Welcome to Centered Right. My name is James and I dove into the world of freelance writing in 2012. I’ve spent countless hours producing thousands of articles for clients around the world. The more I wrote about interesting topics, performing in-depth research and drafting engaging articles, the more it hurt to see my good work be published under someone else’s name. That might pay the bills, but this website is here to feed my soul.

When you help someone, you’re igniting a spark that can make the world a brighter place.

I love helping people. it’s my sincere hope that you stumble across this website when you have a question. If I can help you figure something out, then I want to write a reference article that can help you move forward. Thank you for taking the time to read my content. Some of it will be in the form of a tutorial. Other content will range from political to current events. I’m not going to limit the scope of this site, and I hope that keeps things interesting for those that choose to bookmark it.

We’ll be covering every topic under the sun. And we encourage civil conversation.

If you agree with my thoughts, awesome. If not, that’s okay too. In fact, I really enjoy conversations with people that disagree with me. So, feel free to comment on my content. Let’s spark a civil dialogue. Don’t be a dick. I’m sure this journey of a million keystrokes will have its ups and downs. Who knows, maybe we’ll have millions of readers. But regardless of where this adventure ends, I plan on having fun getting there. And I hope you do too!

Feel free to help us out with some of your own content. We’ll give credit where credit’s due.

By the way, if you’d like to contribute your own content to this site, I’d love to read it. Shoot me an email. Don’t forget to attach your content. I’ll give it a read and let you know if we can use it. I can’t offer you payment for your work, but it’s a special feeling knowing that your thoughts and experiences are published online for everyone to read.

I think that’s enough for now. Time to start writing!


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