Soylent Drink Review and Coupon

My Personal Experience with Soylent

I work from home and my idea of cooking involves a drive-thru. To say that I wasn’t focused on good nutrition would be an understatement. So, when I read about an affordable way to get all of the things the human body needs to operate at maximum performance, I ordered my first shipment of Soylent meal replacement powder.

What is Soylent?

When I told my friends about my decision to add Soylent to my diet, I got more than a few confused looks. People a little older than me asked me if I was talking about a movie from the 1970s called Soylent Green (trailer below).

Once I realized what they were talking about, I had to laugh at the company’s sense of humor. Soylent is a powder (also sold in pre-mixed bottles and snack bars) that is primarily meant to fill in the gaps between meals. 

We all have those throw away meals, whether it’s a pop-tart for breakfast or a vending machine at work. The majority of Soylent customers use this product to provide a healthier alternative to the garbage that makes it into the gaps in our daily nutrition.

Soylent Ingredients

Soylent has published in-depth information about the ingredients in Soylent’s products. You can read it here. For me, the most important Soylent ingredients were the 26 vitamins and minerals that I probably wasn’t getting as part of my fast food diet.

Nutritional Information from Soylent Package

Anecdotally, I feel much better on the days I incorporate Soylent into my diet.

Is it safe to buy Soylent Amazon products?

I personally choose to purchase directly from Soylent’s website, instead of using my Amazon Prime account. Why? 

  • Virtually anyone can resell products on Amazon. Soylent has an expiration date. I don’t want to risk purchasing something that’s close to or already expired because it’s been sitting in someone’s garage.
  • Soylent offers discounts when signing up for a subscription on their website. Pro Tip: You can pause or delay future shipments without losing your discount.
  • The one time I had an issue with my order, Soylent’s customer service team went above and beyond. They would not be able to support orders from a third-party reseller in the same way.


Soylent Coupon / Soylent Discount Code

As I mentioned before, there are Soylent discounts available when signing up for a subscription. If you use this link to order your first Soylent order, you’ll receive an additional $10 off.

How I use Soylent in my daily life:

Some people choose to replace all of their meals with Soylent. I’m not that extreme. I enjoy food, so I start my day with a cup of coffee and one serving of Soylent. Depending on my work schedule, I might take a break to go grab lunch somewhere – getting out of the house is a crucial mental health factor when you work from home.

Soylent Meal Replacement Prep

Converting Soylent powder into a meal takes 2 minutes. Grab a ½ cup measuring scoop. Pour one scoop of Soylent into 8oz of water. I use a shaker bottle to quickly mix it together and then I’m good to go.

One 8oz serving of Soylent provides you with 270 calories. You can use a calorie calculator, or consult a professional to find out how many calories you should be consuming on a daily basis.

I like the 8oz serving size because it means I can space out multiple small meals throughout the day – calibrated around anything else I choose to eat that day.



Warning: Take your time drinking it. Don’t chug it. I think Soylent vanilla tastes fantastic, and I made the mistake of quickly downing a serving. For best results on the other end, try to consume Soylent over at least a 10 minute period. This allows your system to more easily digest and process all of the nutrients you’re consuming.   


I am not a doctor or nutritionist. It is not my intention to diagnose or treat any medical situations. These observations are simply my personal experience. 

While the views in this content reflect my personal experience, any funds raised help support the mission of this site. By purchasing products related to this content, I may receive a commission.

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