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Political Palm Cards: Empowering Politicians to Press the Flesh in a Memorable Way in 2020

Both sides claim they are under attack by “fake news”. The digital silos we live in are reinforcing our pre-conceived notions instead of informing us. So, politicians are going old-school with political palm cards. But what are palm cards, exactly?

What is a political palm card?

A political palm card is essentially a business card designed for politicians and activists to hand out to people they meet. You’ll find that political campaign palm cards are slightly wider than an average business card. This provides more space for campaigns to insert their messaging.

The palm card printing business is booming right now.

I first learned about this growing trend from a friend who handles order processing for a national printing company. She showed me a few of the more popular palm card designs. She said her small printing company was surprised when the palm card printing orders came flying in last year.

Her printing shop is expecting a flurry of orders in the next election cycle as politicians look for ways to make their time spent with the electorate more memorable and impactful.

Political Palm Card Examples

Here’s what you can expect to receive the next time someone stops to shake your hand and tell you how they can better represent you in government. Election palm cards come in many shapes and sizes, so they probably won’t easily fit in your wallet. Political campaigns don’t want their message getting lost behind your credit cards. 

Political Palm Card Examples

Some politicians choose a palm card design that features their head shot, a slogan and a blurb that summarizes their key campaign promises.

Others add a QR code to their political palm cards that takes readers to a campaign video like this one that went viral today:

Key Palm Card Design Elements

UV Coating Many political palm cards end up in a voter’s car. Extended exposure to the sun can fade cards – preventing voters from reading your message when they pick them up later. UV coated palm cards are resistant to fading.

Writable Side Many politicians and activists take the opportunity to add specific web addresses, social media tags and phone numbers for future reference based on their conversation with the recipient. It’s best to order campaign palm cards that have a backside that can be easily written on.

If you’re a political junkie like me, you’re now fully up-to-date on this new trend in offline politicking. For online marketing strategies, I recommend reading my post on Social Grow. If you have questions or comments, don’t forget to leave them in the section below!

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